Jedi Outcast – Beating Tavion

After chasing around some storm trooper and torturing them a little, we face off with Tavion- apprentice to the big bad Desann.


Jedi Outcast – Learning to Fight Jedi

Going around town looking for the evil Dessan we get comfortable with a new setup in a new country and learn to fight some jedi.


Dota & Stuff – New Country, Battlerite

I’m in Germany now and life is exciting and hectic. Also I’ve been playing Battlerite a bit, it’s pretty great.

Jedi Outcast - Climbing A Tower

Jedi Outcast – Climbing A Tower

For some reason I decide walking on generators is the most correct way to get around, but obviously there’s a better solution, just takes a while to find it.

Jedi Outcast - A Date with Lando

Jedi Outcast – A Date with Lando

We gotta get outta here and the best way is Lando’s Lady Luck. Finding the ship is easy, but refueling and getting out alive isn’t that simple.

Jedi Outcast - Lost in Garbage, Finding Reelo

Jedi Outcast – Lost in Garbage

We head into the puzzling garbage dump that is Reelo Baruk’s headquarters in an attempt to get some answers. We get lost, and then we find Lando!

Jedi Outcast - Shhh I'm Garbage

Jedi Outcast – Jumping On Rooftops

Jumping around on the rooftops of NS we murder a TON of snipers and try and find a garbage dump. Seriously that’s how you move forward.