Note: the game is quite old and requires the Unity Web Player which does not work on chrome and only partially works on firefox.

Ambi is a side-scroller where you don’t move through the environment, the environment moves you. The only control you have is to change your state, and see how the world reacts.

After several months of hard work we’re happy to showcase our final student game Ambi.

Ambi has won the following awards:

  • David Dostal

    Hello, the game is really nice, except I can’t see the main character. I have no idea why this happens. I have the latest version of Firefox and the Unity web player on Windows XP. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me on
    PS: I finished the game even so, the sounds and camera really helped :-)

    • That sounds incredibly weird, I’d love to see a screenshot if you could send me one.

      Glad you managed to play it in any case :).

      • Guest

        Here is it.

        • That is sooooo weird.

          You could still hear the sound it makes when it’s in one of the magnets and that’s how you managed to play though right?

          That means it’s there, just not rendering for you. Really weird. I’ll try and recreate it and see if I manage to fix it.


  • Anon

    Same problem seems to be happening to me. My screen looks the same.

    • I still have no idea why that happens, but I assure you I’ll explore the subject as we continue development and solve it eventually. Sorry.