HitchHiker Project

Update January 2018: HitchHiker First Ride is available until February 2nd for free on the Humble Trove. — I joined the HitchHiker project to lead a small team on a journey to create something weird and interesting. HitchHiker Website HitchHiker teaser trailer on Youtube HitchHiker nominated best of Que Vadis presentation (should watch right after […]


Vroom is a Proof of Concept prototype put together in less than a day. The player must carefully listen to cars coming down the lanes in order to avoid them as using only sight quickly becomes very difficult. Closing your eyes and only focusing on the sound is strongly encouraged. Use the RIGHT and LEFT […]

A&B Prototype

This prototype was developed during my time with Moon Studios. Among other jobs I was responsible for enemy AI and for the entire final boss encounter both as a designer and a coder. The following NeoGAF forum thread has links to download the prototype as well as a gameplay video.

Demon Happiness Simulator 2016

Demon Happiness Simulator 2016 was developed during the Global Game Jam 2016. Players assume the role of four demons with different abilities trying to herd virgins into the ritual sacrifice circle – to please the great demon. If the happiness bar drops all the way down – you’re toast! Four players in co-op with controllers […]