Note: the game is quite old and requires the Unity Web Player which does not work on chrome and only partially works on firefox.

Short trailer

Made in about two months during the mid-year production workshop at the Shenkar School of Design.

Leaderboards are not implemented. For a makeshift solution: Twit #HellscapeScore with a screenshot of your score.

Controllers are highly recommended. If the game doesn’t recognize your controller, try restarting the game.

Original idea was taking icy tower and making it multiplayer. With time I wanted to put in something unique, which is where the special moves from Guacamelee came in.

I worked as a coder and designer alone, and had a little help from a classmate in terms of animation. There’s a lot of art that isn’t really there (like the GUI, which is 100% defaults), but the most important thing to me was the gameplay. I think it came out pretty well.