• Kirill Nepomnyaschiy

    First 2 levels were really fun to play. Reaching last checkpoint at 2 level was a bit confusing though.
    Third level feels a bit messy. Winning sequence is a bit too hard to figure out and time intervals for taking decision are too short. I’d say that in its current state the gameplay needs more time to get used to before you will throw any complicated puzzles at player.
    Main issue in terms of game design is vertical movement in a vortex. To me it’s totally broken. I like the idea of second dimension but the implementation should be different. Maybe instead of floating slowly you should make instant hops up and down and remove the walls because they seem really out of place.
    Looks really promising anyway!

    • Ya we’ve been getting a lot of feedback that the second part in level 3 is a bit too hard.

      I have to ask what do you mean about vertical movement in a vortex? I don’t quite get what you’re saying.
      The walls are being worked on.

      Thanks for the comment! Means a lot! :)